Big Data: Critical Concerns for Employment Lawyers

The price of data storage and sophisticated analytics are dropping.  This will herald a sea-change in how employment cases are litigated, including both class actions (initially) and individual cases (eventually).  Employment lawyers will need to:

  • be involved in data governance;
  • apply basic statistical methods to the results of data mining; and
  • get deep “under the hood” of the data scientist’s work product.

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ESI and Data Governance: Part 2

Data Governance:  Controls and Culture

As said, ESI is an increasingly understood and litigated issue.  What requiresExplore-the-Data much more thought by employment lawyers is data governance.  Data governance is the system of rules and procedure  that relate to how an enterprise’s ESI is stored, managed, used, merged, deleted, and transferred.

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ESI and Data Governance: Part 1

The Basics

Enterprises of all sizes store troves of information in many different Explore-the-Dataforms and formats about their employees — and these data pools will undoubtedly multiply over the coming years.  Employment lawyers will be required to interact with technical personnel to assess preservation and if necessary, supervise production.

So, what’s an employment lawyer to do?  Turn to data governance!

Let’s first look at some basics first, and then, in my next post, we will turn to the heart of this area: data governance for employment lawyers.

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