Talking Cybersecurity

Questions for Talking with the CIO

As said, employment lawyers need to talk to the CIO in order to more fully manage the risk employers face from employees.  Here is how to get the conversation started.

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Thinking Cybersecurity

Some Basics

As I suggested in a previous post, understanding cybersecurity is essential to effectively managing an employer’s risk.  The upshot: employment lawyers must talk to CIOs.   To do that, we’ll need to know a thing or two about the subject matter at hand.

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Disruptive Technologies in the Workplace

A recent McKinsey report on twelve “disruptive” technologies included four that will fundamentally transform how employers relate to their employees: mobile Internet, automation of knowledge work, the Internet of things and cloud computing. I would add to the list three results of these technologies: big-data, cybercrime and privacy.

Editor’s Note (6/1/15):  McKinsey included Robotics — So why did I leave robotics off the list? Because, as I write in a post on 5/31/15, I am a robot skeptic.

From an employment law perspective, the common element here is data – data that flows to, is stored by, and is used (or misused) by employers, third parties and employees.

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